First we’ll talk with you to answer a few questions (room size, existing floor, what products you’re interested in, etc.). Then, you tell us if you’d like to see some products at home, or if you’d like to visit one of our wholesale locations. From there, we’ll set an appointment to come measure, select the final product, write an estimate, secure payment, and schedule final installation. When that day arrives, we show up, install your product (we’ll even move your furniture for you) and answer any questions you may have. From there, you simply enjoy your newly installed floor!

It means you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to select the perfect flooring solution. We come to you and show you an array of products so you can see, first hand, how they’ll look and feel in your home.

However, we also have 2 wholesale locations within the metro area. If you’d rather visit one of those and talk solutions, we’ll set that up too!

That will depend upon square footage, as well as product type. However, we do provide final in-home estimates. Meaning, there are no hidden fees – you’ll know exactly what you’re investing before an inch of product is installed.
Yes! We understand sustainability is important, and we offer products that not only suit your home, but suit the future of our planet as well.
We serve the greater Twin Cities Metro and surrounding suburbs. Our main office is located in Forest Lake, MN. We also offer access to one of our 2 wholesale locations.